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Tips for Working at Home and Having A Nanny

  lesley riley said… Lindsay – How can you establish boundaries between a mother who works in the home and the nanny? who gets final say? How do you keep the children from running to mommy since they know she is there? December 26, 2007 2:23 PM Thanks for your comment Lesley. That’s a great [Read On]

Breaking News! Seattle PI Newspaper Pick’s Up The Nanny Doctor Blog!

I am very excited to share that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Newspaper website has picked up The Nanny Doctor Blog! This site will continue to be my main blog, however, it will also extend to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Newspaper’s website. As the 18th most popular news site in the country, according to the November Nielsen ratings, [Read On]

Announcement! Save the Date!

Hello readers! This is an announcemet to let you know that The Nanny Doctor has been asked to teach two Hot Topics classes at The Pump Station I will be teaching: “The Nanny Doctor on Finding and Maintaining the Right Nanny for your Family” on January 25th 2008 1-2:30pm at The Pump Station Hollywood and [Read On]

Your Nanny and Their Holiday Bonus

Do you value your nanny and all that they do for you and your family throughout the year? Thinking about that holiday bonus but don’t know exactly how much? Or perhaps you don’t want to give cash and you want to give a gift? There are truly no standards when it comes to giving your [Read On]

Preventing Potential Disaster: Collaborating with Your Nanny Agency

Armed with your family’s needs list and job description it’s time to approach your nanny agency. There are many benefits of utilizing an agency to find your family’s new nanny. First and foremost, an agency, especially one that is a member of an industry association such as the International Nanny Association, is made up of [Read On]