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The Baby Planners

Hello Readers! I wanted to tell you about a service that I just discovered a couple of months ago! I waited to blog about them until I had an opportunity to make contact with them! The Baby Planners are Ellie Miller and Melissa Gould. They are Los Angeles-based consultants on all things baby prep related! [Read On]

Tips For Addressing Biting Behaviors in Toddlers

Patrick Donnelly said… Lindsay, our son Patrick Jr. is almost 2 years old, and like most 2 year olds he can get pretty wild. Recently he has been doing many things (like biting) that he knows he is not supposed to do because we have punished him for it before. What would be your advice [Read On]

What’s in a name?

Over the holidays I was fortunate enough to have spent time with not only my family and friends but several families in search of nanny help. Between the two groups, there has been one question that has consistently come up… “What is the difference between a babysitter and a nanny?” The first thing I do [Read On]

Mommy Guilt

Lindsay, I have a wonderful nanny who does a fantastic job taking care of our son. However, I am having a really hard time leaving him when I go to work. I have to work to meet our financial responsibilities, that is just a reality, but I feel so guilty every time I walk out [Read On]

The Nanny Doctor’s BETTER.TV interview!

I’m very excited to share the first of two Better TV interviews with you. Follow the link to the video! Better.TV And here is the rest of it.