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Celebrating Your Nanny’s Birthday

Your nanny has given countless gifts to you and your children in honor of your birthdays–how should you return the favor on her special day? You should absolutely plan to do something out of the ordinary in order to celebrate. Here are a few ideas to help you show her how much you appreciate her: [Read On]

Hitting the Road with Nanny in Tow: Travel Tips for Traveling with Nanny

All your bags are packed and you’re ready to go. This trip is different than previous ones because you’ve got both your baby AND nanny in tow. Here are some tips for traveling with your nanny: 1)   Nanny is there to help–so make sure you equip her with all the information she may need. It’s [Read On]

Nudity In Your Nanny’s Workplace

Even though your nanny is working in your private home, where you may get naked from time to time, it’s never okay to be naked when your nanny is on the job. Sure it’s common for nanny’s to be exposed to a parent in a towel or nursing a baby, but when it comes to [Read On]

Encouraging Your Nanny to Play!

Being a nanny is a tough job—it’s one that is draining both emotionally and physically, not unlike being a parent. It’s a sign of a wonderful, above-and-beyond nanny that takes the initiative to get down on the floor and play after an exhausting day doing various tasks around the house. On the one hand, independent [Read On]