Celebrating Your Nanny’s Birthday


Your nanny has given countless gifts to you and your children in honor of your birthdays–how should you return the favor on her special day? You should absolutely plan to do something out of the ordinary in order to celebrate. Here are a few ideas to help you show her how much you appreciate her:

1) Cake! You can either purchase a small cake or have the children help you make one for a personal touch. Homemade cakes may not look as fancy, but they certainly taste just as good as store-bought! Make sure you have a small family celebration so that everyone may enjoy it together.

2) Hand-Made Cards: this is really a special gift for any occasion. It’s a good idea to get the kids to sit down and do this with you so you can help with spelling if they’re just learning.

3) Gift Cards: This is preferable to getting nanny an actual gift. Find out which stores she likes and get her a gift certificate so that she may pick out exactly what she’d like.

4) The Day Off: If your family can manage it, include nanny’s birthday in her paid vacation days. Chances are it’ll mean more to her having her birthday off than having, say President’s Day or Labor Day.

This list could go on and on. We’d love to hear from you all on what you’ve given your nanny/what, as a nanny, you have received in honor of your birthday. Please leave them in the comments!


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