Nudity In Your Nanny’s Workplace


Even though your nanny is working in your private home, where you may get naked from time to time, it’s never okay to be naked when your nanny is on the job. Sure it’s common for nanny’s to be exposed to a parent in a towel or nursing a baby,

but when it comes to overt nudity, you must be very cautious about running afoul of sexual harassment laws.

There are basically 2 types of sexual harassment: 1) quid pro quo and 2) hostile work environment. Quid pro quo refers to exchanging sexual favors in order to ensure employment or a promotion or employment benefit of some kind. The second type “hostile work environment” is more related to inappropriate exposure or comments that may lead to an uncomfortable, offensive, or intimidating atmosphere. This would be the more common type of harassment in the home environment.
As a family, being naked in your home around your nanny puts you in a serious liability situation. If your nanny files charges related to being in an uncomfortable environment where they are expected to go to work in an environment where their employer is appearing naked, they will likely win. It’s very important that you consider the fact that once you have hired a domestic worker in your home, your home has become a formal workplace environment.
Have you ever been in or heard of any situations where this has been an issue?

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