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“I’m a Nanny, Not a Housekeeper!”

Keeping the boundaries between nanny and housekeeper is sometimes a hard line to define. Some families don’t have the resources to employ a full-time housekeeper. However, overloading nannies with household chores and duties can be both exhausting and frustrating; after all, a nanny’s main focus should always be on the children. The best way to [Read On]

Tips for When Your Diaper Bag is Bursting at the Seams: Pack Light!

Do you often marvel at the weight of your diaper bag? Have you been asked by others on the playground “What’s in there? Bricks?” Is the bottom of your stroller so full that you often leave a trail of belongings behind you? Maybe it’s time to take a simpler approach to going out on the [Read On]

Empowering Your “Taxi Driver” Nanny

You’ve made it work so that nanny can have a car to play “taxi driver” for your kids. She’s running here, there, and everywhere and, understandably, has a lot on her mind. Here are some tips for helping nanny stay organized and ready for her trek around town: 1)   If you live in an urban [Read On]