Empowering Your “Taxi Driver” Nanny


You’ve made it work so that nanny can have a car to play “taxi driver” for your kids. She’s running here, there, and everywhere and, understandably, has a lot on her mind. Here are some tips for helping nanny stay organized and ready for her trek around town:

1)   If you live in an urban area, make sure the car is stocked with a roll of quarters for parking meters;

2)   Give nanny funds to have the car cleaned at least once a month;

3)   If your children have sports equipment for a number of sports, provide nanny with a set of equipment bags. Label them on the outside with the child’s name and what sport it’s for and store them in the trunk so it’s one less thing to remember;

4)   Make sure nanny is on your insurance policy before she starts operating your vehicle;

5)   Provide a small trashcan to put in the backseat so that food/trash stays off of the floor–there is nothing worse than having to find out where this “mystery” smell is coming from!


  1. Great points, Lindsay! However, for the nannies who are required to use their own car (as most are here in Seattle), what would you suggest/add? Nannies cars take a beating from use on the job, any tips on how to fairly compensate for that? I’ve seen families pay for scheduled car maintenance, gas and a portion of nannies insurance. I would LOVE to see families contribute to the cost of cleaning the nannies car.

  2. Love it love it love it! Never thought about funds for getting the car cleaned up. When I worked as a nanny I used my own car and never asked for this kind of benefits, even tough 70% of the use of my car was for my nanny job. Now that I have my own nanny agency all I ask parents to pay is for their nanny for gas.
    Your blog is very helpful in so many areas.
    Thank you!

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