“I’m a Nanny, Not a Housekeeper!”


Keeping the boundaries between nanny and housekeeper is sometimes a hard line to define. Some families don’t have the resources to employ a full-time housekeeper. However, overloading nannies with household chores and duties can be both exhausting and frustrating; after all, a nanny’s main focus should always be on the children.

The best way to keep boundaries firmly in place is to have a contract or work agreement from the very beginning. This should include the nanny’s job description, expectations and household duties, and what the nanny can expect from you. Everyone should sign and date this document and retain copies. To purchase The Nanny Doctor Template for Work Agreements, head over to our store!

Chores that can be labeled “all things children” should be expected of any professional nanny. This includes children’s laundry, tidying up the playroom/bedrooms, and cleaning up after cooking them meals. This short list of tasks will not detract from nanny’s time spent minding the children if she budgets her time wisely.

Scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting, mopping etc. are more suitable for cleaning services than for nanny unless you are employing a nanny/housekeeper. Heavy duty chores take time and focus away from the children. Most nannies that have been trained in early education and have invested in their profession will not be amenable to cleaning your house. Make sure you keep this in mind when assigning tasks and chores!


  1. Yes It should be boundaries between nanny and housekeeper. Nice concept. Thanks a lot for sharing this post with us. You have done a great job. Love your post. It’s been really great to be here.

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