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Flying with Toddlers 101

Who doesn’t love a family vacation? I have built some of the best memories and have had some of my strongest bonding moments with my children while away from home. Now that they’re getting a bit older (1.5 and 3) I’m finding it harder to entertain them as easily on long car rides and flights. [Read On]

Check Us Out on Elizabeth Street!

We were recently very pleased to contribute to Elizabeth Street! Click here to check out our article: “Making Light Work of the Nanny Search“

Be a Part of a Project Aimed at Empowering the Entire Nanny Community!

We’re so excited that our very own assistant, Angela Delgado, has created a project aimed at correcting stereotypes and empowering parents, nannies, and children. “Molly Magnificent Is My Nanny!” is a children’s picture book that explains this unique family structure in a realistic way that’s easy for all children to understand. AND she needs your [Read On]

Tips on Raising Teenagers in a Digital World

Being a parent or a nanny to a child between the ages of 12 and 17 isn’t as physically draining as minding a toddler; however, it can be 10x’s as emotionally draining. With hormones blaring and attitudes carrying away their common sense, it can be tough to interact with your teens! Here are some tips [Read On]

We’re Teaching a Class at The Pump Station!

Looking for a nanny? THIS Friday & Saturday at the Hollywood/Santa Monica Pump Stations! Find the Right Nanny for Your Family! Dr. Lindsay Heller will answer your questions about finding and keeping a great nanny. You will receive helpful take-home handouts including a comprehensive list of questions to ask at every phase of interviewing and reference checking and a step-by-step road map to [Read On]