Archives for July 2013

Building Trust with Your Nanny

So you’ve finally found a nanny perfect for your family (hooray!) or you may still be currently searching for the right person to fit your needs. You’re probably wondering how you could entrust your precious little ones to anyone other than you and your spouse. Here are some quick tips to building trust in your [Read On]

How to Keep a Teether Happy

If you’ve got a fussy, unhappy, little one with chompers coming in, chances are you’re a bit stressed. We wish we could relieve the intense discomfort our children feel when teething, but unfortunately, there is no magic cure for the teething blues. Here are some tips to help soothe little one: 1) Constantly monitor their [Read On]

Affordable Birthday Party Planning

  In today’s world of bells and whistles, it’s hard not to go overboard on your little one’s birthday party. Sometimes, parents feel the need to compete with their peers (remember TLC’s “Outrageous Kid Parties”?). Here are some tips to keep it simple, but also to throw the best party for your child while not breaking [Read On]