Teaching Children Traditions


The holidays are the perfect time to teach children all about traditions! Although traditions can be centered on the holidays and seasons, they can also be used for important events, such as birthdays or the first days of school. They can be time or transitions oriented, a bedtime routine, or they could be daily, weekly, or yearly traditions, a weekly movie or board game night or a monthly outing. Sometimes new traditions spring up without us even being aware!

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when teaching traditions to children:

1. Traditions as part of the day-to-day: Traditions can be things that we do throughout the year, not just over the holidays. Make sit down dinners or board game night a weekly tradition!

2. Make a creative project: Map out the different traditions throughout the year in a calendar or book. Add in descriptions of each tradition and encourage the children to add in an illustration.

3. Open the floor to discussion and communication: Discuss what traditions are, when they will be taking place, and why. After the activity takes place, talk to the children about what they learned, what they liked or disliked.

4. Learn through food: A lot of family’s and culture’s traditions are based around food and holding a feast. A great way to learn about other traditions is to cook a meal or food item of that culture.

5. Learn about other cultures: Learn and play games of other cultures. Go online and research some fun traditional games of other cultures. Add them into your weekly activities!

What are some ways that you teach traditions to your children? We want to know! Post your ideas on our Facebook and Twitter pages #Traditions



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