Classic Children’s Holiday Gifts


While your kids are making their holiday wish list and you are checking it twice, you may want to trump the current toy trends with some of the good ol’ classics! We are seeing a lot of high-tech, electronic, and elaborate toys in stores this season. These toys can seem very exciting, but how about getting back to the basics? Some of those beloved toys that we played with as kids are still being made today! Why not pass down those classics to the next generation? Here are a few of our favorite classic toys.

The ultimate classic: Lincoln Logs: I don’t know about you, but we could STILL spend hours playing with these! This classic notched building blocks and logs set provides hours of good old fashion fun for the kids, while developing fine motor skills, cognitive reasoning, and design skills.

Woo woo! Wooden train set: Whether the kids love to create elaborate twists and turns or a simple circular track, one thing is for certain, these tracks never get old or go out of style. Pick up a classic wooden train set or try a modern twist with a Thomas the Tank Engine edition. Either way, you are sure to provide the kids with hours of creativity, fun, and imagination!

Piece it together with puzzles: Not only are they fun and challenging, they help the kids develop visual perception, coordination, critical thinking, and memory skills. There are so many options available for every kid and every developmental level. In all honesty, I think we all could benefit from doing more puzzles!

Remember, kids do not need elaborate toys to be entertained. Some of the best ideas are the most simple. Lastly, if you begin to feel stuck over the holidays and all else fails, bring out the trusty old paper box, cut out a door, some windows, and let the imagination begin!

What were your favorite toys growing up? Are they still being made today, and if so, will you pass them on to the little ones this holiday season? Let us know in the comments section below or post your ideas to our Facebook or Twitter: @TheNannyDoctor #classic gift

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