No Sweat Guide to the Year End Review

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December has arrived! The year has almost come to a close. Can you believe it? Juggling schedules and commitments in this last month of the year can get a little tricky and has already began to feel a bit like a juggling act! Despite all of this, planning a review with your nanny or nanny family is still an important exercise to take part in. You might be asking yourself, “How in the world will we find time with planning and travel?” Not to worry, read our no sweat guide for the nanny year-end review!

Plan ahead.  Although it is only the first week of December, schedule in your review as soon as possible. The days are only getting busier with parties, events, plays, concerts, and meetings. Stay ahead of the curve!

Bring something to the table. Holding a review can feel like a daunting task for all those involved. Where to begin? Luckily, we have you 100% covered in this department! Head over to The Nanny Doctor Store and download our Review and Evaluation Package. They come complete with questionnaires for both nanny and family to fill out ahead of time. Take time to fill these out with thoughtful answers and bring your worksheets to the meeting. This way, both parties will bring constructive topics to the table to be discussed!

Remain open and accepting. Be aware that an honest review and evaluation may not be all sunshine and rainbows. Even the best nannies and nanny families will have areas to build on. Remember, there is always room for growth and improvement. In the end, it is well worth it, as children will see all the benefits!

End in positivity. You are setting the tone for the household and working environment for upcoming month and year ahead. End on a positive note.  Say what you have enjoyed the most over the past months. Always remember to say “Thank You!”

Schedule a follow up. Phew! The review is complete! Congratulations, your childcare team will be stronger and more cohesive because of your due diligence and hard work. But remember, it doesn’t end there. Schedule in your next review and evaluation. We recommend one every 6 months.

Have you scheduled in your year-end review and evaluation?  What are some topics you have found useful to cover? We want to know! Share in the comments space below or on Facebook and Twitter: @TheNannyDoctor #YearEndReview


  1. Truly with the year coming to an end, having a plan for next year handy is something very crucial. Thanks for sharing this post. These tips will surely help many.

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