Kick Those Post Holiday Blues

Well we did it! We all made it through the busiest and possibly the most stressful time of year. Don’t get us wrong, we love the holidays; all the fun, visiting with family, great meals, adventures, and time off work, but getting back into swing of things after always proves to be a bit of [Read On]

Classic Children’s Holiday Gifts

While your kids are making their holiday wish list and you are checking it twice, you may want to trump the current toy trends with some of the good ol’ classics! We are seeing a lot of high-tech, electronic, and elaborate toys in stores this season. These toys can seem very exciting, but how about [Read On]

How To Tell Your Family About National Nanny Recognition Week

As most of us involved in the nanny world know, this week is National Nanny Recognition Week! This is a very special week that was established 15 years ago to celebrate the hard work and dedication nannies give to their families and professional childcare careers. Despite NNRW having a 15-year running history, many families are [Read On]

How To Not Raise A Mini-Miley!

There has always been concern over negative role models portrayed in media and their affects on children, but it seems over the past few weeks, with the recent Miley Cyrus “display,” the discussion has resurfaced with a vengeance! Television and exposure to technology will NOT train your children to be Mini-Mileys, “twerking it” in the [Read On]

What are the questions that are illegal to ask in an interview?

This is a guest post by Lisa Pierson Weinberger, Esq. Check her out at or on Twitter and Facebook! There are few people more important in a parent’s life than the person they hire to care for their child when the parents must be away from home.  As a result, when interviewing nannies parents [Read On]