How To Not Raise A Mini-Miley!

There has always been concern over negative role models portrayed in media and their affects on children, but it seems over the past few weeks, with the recent Miley Cyrus “display,” the discussion has resurfaced with a vengeance! Television and exposure to technology will NOT train your children to be Mini-Mileys, “twerking it” in the [Read On]

The Nanny Doctor in LA Times,0,4179351.story From the Los Angeles Times FEELING THE PINCH Nannies take on extra duties as households economize Along with child care, nannies are asked to do the cleaning, shopping and other tasks once done by others. By Christy Hobart > > > March 21, 2009 When a nanny with 10 years of experience was let [Read On]

Is there a Nanny Doctor in the house?

Hello, The Nanny Doctor consulting services were featured in the Style section of the San Francisco Chronicle today! Here’s a link to the story!

The Nanny Doctor’s BETTER.TV interview!

I’m very excited to share the first of two Better TV interviews with you. Follow the link to the video! Better.TV And here is the rest of it.

The Nanny Doctor’s NYC Diaries

So, I was in NYC last week and got to meet a lot of great people and do a little television in the process! I arrived late Tuesday night and had dinner with friends at a great little yummy restaurant called Otto they have great wine and pizza! The weather was surprising! I was hoping [Read On]