Tackling “I Love You” With Nanny

You love your kids more than life itself, so seeing your child bond deeply with your nanny is something truly heartwarming. It is healthy for your child to become attached to your nanny and to express that feeling with the words “I love you”. Here are some tips for nurturing that sort of relationship between [Read On]

Taking Play Seriously

Today The New York Times Magazine looked at the science of unstructured play and its value to our children. Check it out here! http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/17/magazine/17play.html?sq=play&st=nyt&scp=3&pagewanted=all

Tips For Addressing Biting Behaviors in Toddlers

Patrick Donnelly said… Lindsay, our son Patrick Jr. is almost 2 years old, and like most 2 year olds he can get pretty wild. Recently he has been doing many things (like biting) that he knows he is not supposed to do because we have punished him for it before. What would be your advice [Read On]