Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is here! This holiday is full of fun, creativity… and just a little candy! J Here are some of our top Halloween safety tips that will help ensure you and all the little ghouls have a spooktacular day full of creepy crawlies and celebration! Plan Ahead: -Always trick or treat in groups. Make sure [Read On]

Sore Losers vs. Boastful Winners: How To Teach Kids Good Sportsmanship

No one likes to lose, especially kids! But as all of us “big kids” have learned over the years, losing is a part of life! Teaching kids to accept a loss at an early age will set them up for understanding and coping with hardship in the future. This concept may go over right over [Read On]

Are You Ready for Cold and Flu Season?

It is that time of year again, it starts with our little ones coming home from school with runny noses and small sneezes, slowly tissues get strewn throughout each room in the home and then, before you know it, the entire house is on quarantine! In the case of cold and flu season, one ounce [Read On]

Are Your Kids Over-Scheduled? Tell Tale Signs & How to Regain Control

With school, homework, extra curricular activities, play dates and appointments, it seems the freedom of the summer schedule is now a thing of the distant past, and it is ONLY October! Kids’ schedules seem to be getting more and more busy. As parents and childcare providers, we cannot help but worry about the effects these [Read On]

10 Ways to Recognize Your Nanny

National Nanny Recognition Week is next week, September 22nd – 28th! NNRW is a very special week where families, educators, support groups, business, agencies, and the media, around the world, take time to recognize the important roles nannies play in the lives of families, as well as their contribution to the childcare profession at large. [Read On]